Now, in retrospect, the scene at that time was like a happy ripple, gradually dispersing and far away, but unforgettable Recently met her on the Internet, I can call her a beautiful girl or Feier very naughty. I know she can't teach me any more, but there's a feeling that I think it's hard to do it again. I entered the second half of my sophomore year in a daze, which is where I am now. The classes I took became boring again. After more than two months, I had already returned to my previous state of truancy. At the end of April, the weather continued to clear up, and the temperature was getting higher every day, which made me a little breathless. Recently, I have been absent from classes frequently, and I have one or two classes in the classroom every week. I spend the rest of my time in the dormitory surfing the Internet or working. For me, the reason for skipping classes is obviously not enough. In addition to the fact that classes are really boring, I always feel that classes are not as practical as working to earn money. It's better not to be idle at all than to spend time in class. The two key differences are roll call. I've always been a person who is too lazy to ask for leave. If I don't want to go anyway, I should have psychological preparation for being lit. Why can't I write any more reasons to curse myself? I heard a joke: "a student lied to the teacher that his grandfather was dead and needed to ask for leave to go home. The teacher believed him.